Vedic astrologers are often called upon to select the best time or day for an important event to take place or action to occur, such as getting married, beginning a trip, starting a business, having surgery, or just having that big party.

This practice is called Muhurta, or electional astrology – when we can elect or choose a good time.

By finding a good time to commence the birth or life of an activity or venture, we can relieve or correct difficult conditions that might inhibit positive results and cause blocks to progress.

In ancient times and today, an astrologer can be used to help select the date and time for both Material and Spiritual events, such as:

Spiritual practices – beginning a meditation practice, weddings, naming a newborn, changing your name, wearing a gemstone for the first time, meeting your teacher, and receiving a mantra among other things.

Material concerns – starting one’s education, career, or business, scheduling surgery, starting a trip, naming a business, or even getting a new pet.

So if you are planning significant events or changes in your life, why not have the planets on your side? After all, timing is everything!

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