March 24th Saturn Retrograde

First, do not worry. Saturn is almost retrograde half the time anyway, and its effects are usually not as obvious or bothersome as the Mercury retrogrades that we get to enjoy 3 or 4 times a year.

However – suspenseful pause – energy will shift during this retrograde until August 13th (told you Saturn keeps on retrograding!).

How a Saturn retrograde affects you depends primarily on where your moon sign or rising sign may be (and a visit to your friendly Vedic astrologer can help you determine that!).

So, find your Moon sign or rising (ascendant) sign and discover the areas of your life that can use some reexamination and patience during Saturn’s retrograde influence:

  • Aries – career and friends
  • Taurus – spirituality and friends
  • Gemini – transformation and spirituality
  • Cancer – relationships and transformation
  • Leo – health and relationships
  • Virgo – children (creativity) and health
  • Libra – home (mother) and creativity
  • Scorpio – communication and home
  • Sagittarius – diet and siblings
  • Capricorn – self and family
  • Aquarius – self and meditation
  • Pisces – meditation and community

Remember that Saturn always teaches us patience, perseverance, discipline, and service, and its retrograde period compels us to check in and see how we’re doing!