Astrology Readings with Mehtab

Mehtab2Experience the powerful insights of a Vedic Astrology reading with a renowned yogi and astrologer.
Discover your life path, understand your deep potentials, and gain a new perspective on your life unfolding in time.
For thousands of years, countless seekers have been guided by the wisdom of astrology and yoga. Enjoy a personalized session to answer your life’s questions and find your true purpose.


Readings may be scheduled most afternoons and early evenings and some weekends. You will be contacted to schedule your appointment after purchase.




“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the reading yesterday.  Everything was an affirmation of things I knew about myself and fears I knew I had. It gave me confidence to live my life to the fullest, letting go of my fears and continuing on my path. The appointment confirmed my belief that everything in life is the way that it should be and that I have only to live and learn from it.” — Lynn

“Thank you again for a wonderful experience yesterday. I have been thinking about all that we talked about, and your perspectives are going to provide me with some very important guidance as I make decisions in the near future.” — Susan

“Mehtab, thank you so much for my reading. I sincerely appreciate you insight, suggestions, and kindness. I look forward to the future and continuing to improve myself on my beautiful journey. Namaste!” — Tracy