Vedic Astrological Forecast for September 2014

The practice of Yoga and Astrology (Jyotish) has been linked together for hundreds of years. In this newsletter, I look at the month ahead astrologically and see what we can learn about our yoga practices, life choices, and how to align and connect ourselves to the cosmic cycles.

Sun Enters Virgo September 16th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Virgo on September 16th and brings a focus on our health and self-improvement routines. A great time to start an exercise or diet program, or re-commit to a daily (habitual!) meditation practice.


What’s The Weirdest Part of Your Body?

To paraphrase Frank Zappa: “I think it’s your Mind, your Mind.” Yes, on September 16 Mercury (your mind) has an exact conjunction with Rahu, and things could get weird – at least in your head. Actually Rahu has been with Mercury most of this month in Virgo, and what we can expect is some unexpected, unconventional, and maybe explosive form of speech. People may say outrageous things to get our attention and even break taboos. A typical Rahu line now would be, “If I told you that you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” This is even more effective when said during a sobriety checkpoint stop.

In mythology, Rahu is represented as a head without a body – an open mouth always ready to devour and spew forth. There is an unusual way of thinking and speaking going on that sometimes may make you feel like you’re in the middle of an Icelandic Hip Hop concert where everybody ate mushrooms. Ah, not to worry. Best to keep your mouth shut and let others be under the spell of Rahu.

Fall Equinox arrives September 22

The Fall Equinox arrives September 22 at 9:29 pm (Central Time). Days and nights will be equalizing and a beautiful time to balance your solar and lunar (male and female) energies as night and day come into equilibrium.

A good day to practice your balancing postures (or plant your fall Tree!). Another classic approach to practicing yoga on the equinox is a balance between the heating (Sun) postures and the cooling (Moon) postures.

An excellent mantra for balancing the sun and moon energies on this day is RAAA-MAAA, as is the practice of alternate nostril breathing.

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The Virgo Sun Person:

If you were born between September 15 to October 15, you are a Virgo Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Virgo are kind, unimposing people with intellect and a substantial education. They are excellent communicators and may be very artistic. They have discretion and are creative in their approach to things. Virgos are open, honest and care sincerely for others. Although others like to be around them for their sincerity, occasionally they can be forceful in their opinions and can be a overly critical at times, both of others and themselves. Physically they are not very strong or powerful but are full of talents. They can be successful in their career or in business for they take care of even the little things that others may not recognize as being important.

The Virgo Yogi

The Virgo Sun Yogi is a perfect yoga student. They are often disciplined, detailed, discerning, organized, and concerned with health. They enjoy a structured and organized yoga practice with attention to specifics, routine, and health-producing benefits. They like to follow instructions and want to get it “right.” Do watch for perfectionist tendencies, getting lost in the details of a posture instead of seeing the bigger picture, and a sometime strong desire for purity in practice.


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