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This month brings an unusual congregation of planets well-placed in their own or exalted signs. It’s like everybody, every planet, is happy in their own little homes, and it’s time to party, relax, elevate, or whatever else you like to do when you are in a good place.

The good times start September 5th when Mars finally leaves the sign of Libra, where it has been with Saturn for much too long. It’s been like having two bad drinking buddies living together in one house – one’s depressed and the other one is angry, and random acts of violence have been popping up all over the world. But Mars gets out of the house and enters its own sign of Scorpio.

While planets in Scorpio can be challenging, Mars does just fine there, turning its powerful passion inward toward transformational practices and discovering the secrets of life and death and sex and all things occult. And Saturn starts to enjoy Libra again, its exalted sign, now that bad boy Mars has left the building.

Add to this goodness, we still have a happy Sun in its sign of Leo, Jupiter is in its exalted sign of Cancer, Mercury is in its strong sign of Virgo, and even unpredictable Rahu and weird Ketu are in their own signs. That’s 7 out of 9 planets in good sign placements, making for the good and easy expression of their energies.

The Moon even gets in the act by occupying its exalted sign of Taurus from September 13-15, making eight of nine planets happy, happy.

It’s all fairly groovy from September 5 to 15, and a little beyond. Do take advantage of these couple of weeks and make the summer of 2014 a good one to remember. All yoga practices give good results now. You can simply coast now or surf the big waves if you have the hankering.

Of course this “kumbaya” must end and it does wind down when Venus, the only planet not well positioned around mid-September, takes a nosedive on September 25th when it goes into Virgo and becomes debilitated. Ah, it happens once a year or so – Venus hangs out in Virgo and we start to overthink our relationships and analyze our feelings too much and generally become too stinking critical of everyone that reminds us of ourselves.

When Venus is in Virgo, I always say you can’t keep on blaming the mirror.

But for all of that, we really do have some good planetary energy this month and isn’t that a great way to welcome the change of the seasons?



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