Aries-to-Libra-CompatibilityAstrologically, there is a basic truth in the old saying that “Opposites attract” but that sure doesn’t make relationships any easier. In this monthly blog post, we will look at what your astrological opposite might look like and why it could be difficult as well as complementary.

Ready? In astrology the person that represents your relationship partner is the opposite zodiac sign from your rising sign. The rising sign is the zodiac sign that is “rising” or appearing on the horizon at the time of your birth. It is said to represent the “self” and indicates your temperament and psychology.

Aries Rising and the Libra Partner

If Aries is your rising sign, your partner likely has some qualities of the sign of Libra. Libra partners tend to be relationship oriented and people pleasing souls. They put a high value on harmony in a relationship and dislike confrontation. They can also be indecisive yet very creative and appreciative of beauty.

So if you are Aries rising, this type of partner could both delight you and drive you crazy. Aries is self-centered and Libra is directed toward the other person – that could be good for you Aries. Your impulsive and sometimes (let’s admit it) selfish nature enjoys having a go-along and peace loving Libra mate. Yet you may get frustrated by their sometimes airy and indecisive nature – “just do it” is your mantra.

The pain in this relationship comes from an increasing tendency of the Aries to “roll over” the Libra who keeps giving in but becomes increasingly resentful.

All of a sudden Aries wakes up one day to find their people-pleasing partner is actually a pissed-off partner who is now a classic passive aggressive, unwilling to confront, yet growing dissatisfied with such a self-centered partner. In truth, Libra initially admires the impulsive and active nature of their Aries but they like to feel included, or at least considered, when couple decisions are made.

Aries enjoy debates and arguments and Libras hate them. If you want to seduce a Libra, be the diplomat and not the victor.

If balance can be found (Aries take note!), this relationship can play to each other’s gifts. But it will be up to the Aries to take charge in guiding this relationship to a higher level (and really Aries – don’t you love it that way?)