Mercury Goes Retrograde October 21st!

Yow! Turn off your cell phone, tear up your contracts, and crawl into your closet – Mercury begins its tri-annual (3 times a year) retrogression this month.

Actually, it may not be that bad. Mercury retrograde tends to cause a lot of communication misunderstandings, redone travel plans, troubles with electronic equipment, and even postal service mishaps.

HOWEVER – if you were born when Mercury was also in retrograde (about 1 in every 4 or 5 people), then this may not be as challenging for you. But, if you were born with Gemini or Virgo rising (the ascendant sign), you may feel this period a little more intensely.

Regardless, you can work with this energy in a constructive way. Instead of hiding in your closet, clean it up – and also your filing cabinet or your computer files. It’s a good time to re-organize and clear away past clutter – even those old dead emails you’ve saved since 2006. Do back up your computer, however, before Mercury goes retrograde. Just do it, or you’re going to feel silly when your hard disk crashes

And this will also be a good time to re-visit old projects that were set aside, or even pick up that book you put away a few months ago. Just watch what you say and double check what you thought you heard, and re-confirm those appointments.

Mars Enters Leo October 5th

Mars enters the Vedic constellation of Leo on October 5th, and finally leaves its debilitated sign of Cancer.

This is good news for us all, and especially you Aries and Scorpio folk. With a stronger Mars in our corner, we finally get things moving forward (just do it before Mercury retrograde!).

And if you have been having trouble sticking to a regular yoga or meditation practice the last several weeks, blame it on the debilitated Mars in Cancer. Mars gives us the zeal, the energy and the power to do our sadhana. When it is in Cancer, we have to work extra hard to make it to the yoga mat or meditation cushion. But after October 5th, no more excuses. Now we can use the passion and vigor of Mars in its highest form, as the spiritual warrior.

To welcome back that good Martian energy in our life, here is a Kundalini Yoga meditation to strengthen and balance Mars.


Archer Pose for Mars

Archer pose is one of the Warrior poses (and Hatha students could substitute Virabhadra II or Warrior pose #2 for this one).

Posture: Open the legs apart and come into a wide stance with the front knee bent over the big tow into a lunge. Pull the back arm back as if pulling a bow-string back next to the ear. Now chant powerfully from your navel point the sound of HAR (the tongue strikes behind the front teeth on the palate, almost like a “hard” R). Chant powerfully for three minutes and focus your gaze on the horizon like an imaginary target. Now change sides and legs and repeat the chant for another 3 minutes. At the end of each three minutes, inhale, hold and apply root lock.



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