Mercury Goes Retrograde October 4… and We Lose Half Our Brain

“Mercury goes retrograde” is the Chicken Little chant of astrologers. Don’t sign contracts, don’t buy a phone, don’t move, don’t get married, don’t plan travel BECAUSE MERCURY IS RETROGRADE YOU FOOL!

Ah, but maybe we should be less like Chicken Little (aka, Henny Penny) and more like Foxy Woxy. Mercury is indeed going retrograde this month but perhaps the sky is not falling (well, at least not for all the three weeks that Mercury appears to be going backwards!).

While conventional astrological wisdom advises that important decisions should not be made while Mercury is retrograde (in this case, October 4th-26th), if we understand what’s going on within our brains during this retrograde period, we can take appropriate actions.

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October 8 – Full Moon in Pisces AND Lunar Eclipse

October 23 – New Moon in Libra AND Solar Eclipse

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Sun Enters Libra October 17th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Libra on October 17th and brings a focus on peace, harmony, artistic creativity and relationships. A great month to create a beautiful home altar or yoga space, or buy that pretty yoga mala for meditation!


The Libra Sun Person

If you were born between October 16 to November 15, you are a Libra Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Libra love balance, harmony and beauty. They are fair-minded and may rend to be indecisive because they can see both sides of any situation. Although good in business, they are better suited working with other people and not independently. They are usually straightforward, fair and honest in their opinions and dealings. They care and will do things for others. They can be generous but are often misunderstood. These people are sensually inclined and like beautiful things. They abhor violence and like life to be full of peace and love. However, they aren’t always very moralistic and should beware of associating with others that may drag them down.


The Libra Yogi

The Libra Sun Yogi enjoys a balanced yoga practice in all areas that allows for a sense of relationship to other students, teacher and themselves. They are very social and may want to go out after class for something good to eat or just to connect and talk. They need to pull in their desire to be overly pleasing to the teacher, vacillating in their practice, and an inability to commit to one course of action or practice. They will always have the most tasteful yoga clothes and be well presented. A Libra yogini is well accessorized and looks smashing in white. They have a natural sense of grace and balance and are popular in their circle of yoga friends.




Astrology Yoga Vacation in Hawaii?

March 8-14, 2015! Come do yoga on the Big Island in an amazing vacation that is cosmically planned.

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Planet-SaturnNext Month:

One of the most significant astrological events over the next 21⁄2 years occurs when Saturn enters the Vedic sign of Scorpio on November 2nd. Find out how life will change for you and everyone else!