Explosive Love – Rahu with Mars and Venus

An interesting intensity occurs this month as Venus conjuncts with Rahu, a mysterious and intense shadow planet in Vedic astrology, in the sign of Virgo on November 8, and then Mars conjuncts Rahu a few days later on November 12.
Rahu is known for its ability to intensify and even “blow up” the energy of the planets it comes in contact with. Whatever a planet represents in our life and birth charts, Rahu can make it bigger, bolder, and brasher.

In general, Venus is involved in our relationships and the enjoyment of sensual pleasures of life. Mars represents our energy, combativeness, and impulsivity. Put either of these planets with Rahu, and watch the fun!

To understand the challenges and possibilities that the Venus-Rahu conjunction on November 8th can give you, as well as the Mars-Rahu conjunction on November 12th, find your Vedic (not Western) Sun sign on my blog article and read on.

Remember, these are for fun, as you can tell by my sometime irreverent take on all of this. However, there is an element of truth in all of these as it points to the area of your life that these planetary energies may manifest in a little way or a really major way.

Regardless, do your meditation on these especially intense days and all will be well!




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