Venus Mandala by Sandra Pintaric


Need some closure on a past relationship or have questions about a current one?

Venus Retrogrades July 25th! Ask Mehtab for guidance to get the most out of this planetary movement.

Feeling like something huge is around the corner for your life?

Well, it is! Major changes ahead for the next year as Jupiter enters Leo on July 13th. Mehtab shares some general insights for this period on his blog. Need more personalized insights? Mehtab does that too!





Venus goes retrograde for about six weeks until September 6 (there’s that 40 days and 40 nights thing again), and promises interesting times for relationships as well as creative endeavors.
This is usually not a good time to start a love affair, or be seduced by your sexuality into misbehaving. You will tend to pay too dearly for the experience. And being retrograde (think backwards), there is often a temptation to return to a previous relationship (stalking Facebook again?) or try to make a bad one work.

In reality, it is a great time to bury the relationship past, let go of the fantasies, and allow for karmic closure.
We also need to be aware of overspending on luxury items, particularly jewelry and clothes, but we can get the good deal on expensive items that are not valued appropriately by the seller (like vintage jewelry in a flea market). It’s also a good time to sell your unwanted items as well.

But there is also another side, a spiritual side, to a Venus retrograde. This is an excellent time to study inspirational literature from the past, and to heal the heart chakra from all past hurts.  Singing kirtan, chanting bhakti mantras, and falling in love with divine expressions of the One go extremely well doing this period.
And you can also explore creativity as form of being in the meditative flow. Interestingly enough, creative projects done just for you go better than a commercial expression, so maybe it’s time you learned to make a mala or design a new altar.
If you are feeling lost during this time, chant “Om Shukra Namah” to Venus and stay off the dating websites. Love always returns, and Venus is busy proving it!




This month Jupiter leaves the Vedic sign of Cancer and enters Leo where it will remain for about one year.  This is a major change for everyone, and Jupiter usually brings benefits to the area of your life that the sign Leo is associated with.

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Looking for guidance in making a major life change? A Muhurta (Electional Astrology) reading can help!  A ma-what-a you ask? Mehtab explains in a short article on his blog. And since you deserve the best of times in life, go ahead and gift yourself a reading today!





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