Happy New Rahu!

Our New Year begins with a major event that affects everyone.

The karmic nodes, Rahu and Ketu, move into new signs at the end of January. This only happens approximately every year and a half, and their effects of this change will be felt over the next 18 months. This month we will focus on the effects of Rahu and in the February forecast, we’ll catch up with what Ketu has in store.

Rahu always activates the sign and area of your chart it occupies and brings a sense of intensity, ambition, energy, and sometimes even obsession in those areas. Rahu is often associated with our future actions and present karmas, and emphasizes materialism over spiritualism, and engagement over withdrawal.

What house (area of your chart) is Rahu activating for the next 18 months?

It’s Your Karma

When Rahu Enters Leo on January 8th (around midnight CST), we will all experience a higher degree of self-absorption, and a desire to find our place in the sun and be acknowledged in our own identity. There will be a focus on the self that will need to be balanced by service to others. We can do best during this period when we find our strong sense of self in a group purpose that is larger than ourselves. We will need a way to find our identity, our true self, not through narcissistic indulgences but in generous humanitarian enterprises.

Watch the tendency to cater to others to receive attention and appreciation, and remember that your ego is the servant of your soul. There is a possibility of discovering your leadership qualities and the capacity to achieve a healthy independence in your life over these next 18 months.

Those with their Moon or ascendant in the Vedic signs of Gemini, Libra and Pisces can expect the best results from Rahu in Leo. The rest of us may need to work a little harder to get the goodies that Rahu can deliver if we see beyond the illusion.

Your Life with Rahu

For a closer look at what Rahu in Leo means in your personal life, read the following descriptions according to your Vedic Moon sign. You can also read the description for your Vedic rising sign or ascendant for additional information. If you do not know either of these signs in your Vedic astrology chart, read according to your Vedic Sun sign for some minor effects.


Mercury Retrograde Begins January 5th

Happy New Year – Mercury goes retrograde from January 5-25.

And with this early start, we will get to experience four (4) Mercury retrogrades in 2016: January 5-25, April 28-May 22, August 30-September 22, and December 19-January 8, 2017.

Everybody bitches and whines about Mercury retrograde, but if you remember one thing – or do one thing- during this period all be well. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga:

“When Mercury goes forward, it is the time to look at the world as a whole. When Mercury goes retrograde, it is a time to look at oneself.”



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