Astrology mudra


Yoga Yoga Westgate • Austin, Texas

April 14, 21, 28

May 5, 12, 19

Thursdays 7:30-9PM


This six-week course is for the beginning student of Vedic astrology and for those interested in learning how astrology affects our lives and yoga practices. Some knowledge of astrology is helpful but not required.


In this course you will learn:

  • The origins of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) and its use throughout the ages and in modern times
  • The meaning of the Twelve Vedic astrological Signs (Rashis)
  • The language of the Nine Planets (Grahas) in Vedic Astrology
  • The use of the Houses (Bhavas) in understanding how astrology affects different areas of our lives
  • How to understand your own birth chart (provided to each student)


“I only offer this course once a year in Austin an it’s a lot of fun. A great way to learn the basics of Vedic Astrology by using your own personal birth chart!”


For more information and to sign up for this course,
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