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August 2017

Welcome to Cosmic Vibes! THIS MONTH: The Big Deal Eclipse in Vedic Astrology The Big Deal Eclipse:...
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Excerpts from Mehtab’s book, Astrology Yoga

May 2017

Welcome to Cosmic Vibes! THIS MONTH: Thank God it’s May in Vedic Astrology Thank God It’s May!   Although the calendar may say May 3rd, May does not really start until now. Because that is when Mercury finally goes direct after being retrograde for most of April (or maybe your...
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Astrology and Yoga Together

Our eternal essence is timeless and formless. Yet when we incarnate, we become subject to the laws of time and space, and the soul temporarily forgets its true Self. Yoga, the original technology of transformation, gives us the means to take care of the bodily form that comes from living in space....
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